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Who we are

The idea of providing home away from home in England for an average Nigerian in diaspora, to enjoy quality and home taste Nigerian conventional food at the lowest possible price, was our aim that gave birth to London Agege bread. In 2005 from the East end of London, the dream was born and has since spread across the UK and Europe. From a dream, it has grown to become a household name all over London, Northern Ireland and Europe, a corporate brand and a quality standard in the bakery/confectionery industry in England offering quality, comfort and home taste satisfaction in diaspora for Nigerians and Europeans also other Africans individuals, groups, churches, mosques and other corporate organisations. In 2005 a major milestone was formed when African confectionery and bakery were incorporated in the least of bread/confectionery of Nigerian origin called Agege bread across retail shops in Britain to the benefit of Nigerians in Diaspora a feat that has become a common place among other quick service retail outlet serving Nigerians across the UK, aside this, the over 30 array of meals that is served daily in our Shop bakery has continued to give the Agege bread brand a top shot in the country ahead of other competitors.

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